Honored to have worked with:


Tommy Bahama

Mr. Porter

World Surf League

Matt Jones

Max Imrie

Bill Gentle


Duty Free Shops - T Galleria

Samsung (Galaxy Note 8)

Warner Bros Belgium


Albert Lan Digital Creative

Sight and Sound Studios


Samsung (Galaxy Tab S3)


Spiegel TV (Germany)


Coca Cola

Jake Mills Productions

Brighthouse Financial

Matsuda Shades

Christopher Greco Studio


Salt + Air Studios

RC Rivera

Allis Inc.

Abercrombie & Fitch


Camel Active Clothing


FMS Worldwide

Waldorf Astoria Magazine

Conrad Hotels and Magazine


Pamela Hanson

Dooney and Bourke

Michael Altobello

Red Bull


Jack Guy

Ogilvy & Mather

NFL Films

National Football League

Westin Resorts


Nametag Films

Visa - Asia Pacific





Vogue UK

WSJ Magazine


Josh Olins

David LaChapelle


Vice Media


Van Wormer Intl.

Framestore Inc.

Marriott Hotels  

Howard Kingsnorth

United Airlines  

David Burton

TJ Maxx

Left/Right for HGTV (3 seasons, 8 episodes)

Christopher Wray-McCann

Jonathan Chapman

Bon Appetit Magazine

Delerio Films

Alma Har'el

Story House Media Group

Conde Nast

Harper's Bazaar (China) Magazine

Helena Christensen

India Arie

Terra X (German Documentary)

“Operation Aloha” - Maroon 5 & friends  


Chris Crisman

Travaasa Hana Hotel


Kenneth Parker Photographs


LL Cool J - Music Video

Volvo - tv commercial, catering

ESPN - PGA Golf Tour

Victoria’s Secret

Travel Channel

Adobe Products

Japan Airlines

Apple Computers

Conde Nast - catering featured

Sundance Channel

TV Artscapes

Dossier Magazine

Sports Illustrated

Self Magazine

Shape Magazine

Outside Magazine

Out Magazine


"Everyone on our team can’t thank you enough for coordinating a great shoot, we were all thrilled with the locations and really happy with what we were able to capture given all of the challenges that come with these sort of shoots."

- Graeme Maclean, Producer, North Sea Air


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. Shawn, creative collaborator, and Sky, detail-oriented cogitator… What a team! You guys' level of expertise and care are second to none. You two went well beyond helping me with too many last minute changes. Your passion, professionalism, commitment and tenacity was phenomenal and it was fantastic working with you. My client was very delighted with everything. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and we wish you all success with your projects."

- Hiroshi Igaki, One Entertainment, Head of Production


"Dear Sky and Shawn, thank you so much for a great shoot. Hope we can work with you guys again soon! Happy New Year! Aloha, RC & Lilja

- RC Rivera and Lilja Klempan, RC Rivera Photography


"It was an absolute pleasure to have you on this shoot, your insight and professionalism was an asset that we could not have done without. Please stay in touch, we definitely would love to have you on board for future productions. Thank you for everything!!!

- Jess Johnston, Producer Salt + Air Studios


"We wanted to send a quick email to thank the Hana Productions team for a fantastic shoot. Your professionalism and local knowledge allowed us to feel prepared in the lead up to the shoot and nimble while on set. Your commitment to ensuring everything ran as smoothly as it did enabled us to capture the imagery we were after. Thank you again for the hospitality.

- Lindsay Salter, Account Supervisor Allis Inc.


So - I cannot recommend Hana Productions and Sky and Shawn enough. I brought a really huge production for Chase Bank and United to Maui and they were excellent production partners. From location scouting to production support and everything in between - they were amazing.  Tireless, positive and so very welcoming. I am proud to say that they are now my 1st recommend for any of the islands of Hawaii - and more importantly, they are dear friends. I love them and anyone who can work with them is sure to share my thoughts.

- Vieve Haag, red head * chanteuse * bon vivant * producer


"Aloha Sky! Thank you so much for bringing this project to us here at NTBG (National Tropical Botanical Gardens). I am very grateful to have been of service. Your contribution has a direct impact on our mission to save plants, and save people! A huge mahalo from all of us here at NTBG!

- Tobias Koehler, Director of South Shore Gardens (location used for a shoot)


"A quick note of heartfelt thanks to you all for the incredible support you provided to our crew over the past week. The week would not have been possible without your hard work, expert knowledge and of course supernatural bag finding skills!!!
Shawn - thank you for being one step ahead of us all at all times and keeping us on track! Your machete skills are unmatched!
Sky - a particular thanks for taking care of my ankle! For all of your planning and overall being the calm in the storm (metaphorical and actual!!!)
I know I speak for the whole team when saying how absolutely grateful we are for EVERYTHING you did to make the shoots possible - you truly went above and beyond.  I hope our paths, professional or otherwise cross one day again soon."

- Emily Davis (Borland)
Luxury & Lifestyle Brand Marketing, Hilton Worldwide


"Hi beautiful people of Maui. I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all the wonderful work we did together. And even more importantly for the great welcoming and loving attitude you brought along. We loved every second of it. You may have a problem on your hands because we will come back soon to visit and to do more beautiful things together. You are wonderful people! Lots of love from New York!

- Domenico Vitale, Owner, PI&C


"Thanks to our unbelievable location scout, Hana Productions, we had access to some of the most remote spots on the island... there is really no replacement for working with the best. Thank you Hana Productions!"

- Libby DeLana, Creative Director, Mechanica


"Our time in Hana was magical. Not just the beauty of the nature, but also the people we met and the crew we worked with. Thank you Sky, I am very lucky to have met you and worked with Hana Productions. 

- Melanie Li Liquing, EP, LAVA TV (Singapore)


"The trouble with film production is; you work in to some beautiful places, but because the focus is on work, you never get a 'feel' for them. It's kind of shallow. But Hana was different, the people we worked with weren't just in the place. They were of the place. And getting to know them, helped us to get to know the place. And what a wonderful place it was. Thank you all for making us feel we belonged". 

- Danny Searle, Vice Chairman for BBDO Asia


"I wanted to drop you a note from myself and the team here at Framestore to say thank you!  It was a pleasure working with you guys, everyone here was incredibly pleased with the way things turned out.  We appreciate you moonlighting as tour guides as well as getting up at 3am to catch the sunrise - not to mention Shawn's lifesaving coffee - we all agree that shot is the winner!  You guys are fantastic, and we definitely hope to be working with you (and the great state of Hawaii) in the future :)

-   Christine Cattano, Producer @ Framestore Inc.


"Not only will they produce for you at the top level... they will even teach you to surf!"

-   Howard Kingsnorth, www.howardkingsnorth.com


“If you are looking to shoot something in Maui or any of the islands of Hawaii, I strongly recommend that you get in touch with Sky and Shawn at Hana Productions.  Hawaii can be a tricky place to navigate, and these guys have the street smarts to keep the ride smooth no matter the obstacle.  We were producing a really loose, fun lifestyle-slash-real estate cable TV show where multiple shoot days were stacked against each other so it was critical that we were able to coordinate all of our locations and activities with people who really know how long it takes to get things done.  And more importantly who know how to get things done without ruffling feathers.  These guys are total pros and when I am lucky enough to have another project in Hawaiʻi, I'll be looking them up!”

-    Neil Regan, CoEP HGTV's Hawaiʻi Life


"Sky is a fantastic production and location manager. His integrity, knowledge of Hāna area and skill sets are second to none in his arena." 

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

-    Harry Donenfeld, Former Maui County Film Commissioner


“I would highly recommend Hana Productions... Their experience, expertise, knowledge of the surrounding areas and local culture were indispensable during our video production and shoot... They had valuable information on when and where we could do things, took care of any and all logistical challenges and helped lower our costs to stay under budget.

I expect to use them every time we go to Hawaii.”

-    Tim Yu, Nike Media Relations Manager North America


“Sky and Shawn with Hana Productions are excellent to work with. They have a depth of knowledge of Hāna and the surrounding area that is rare to come by – and all the connections to go with it. I have personally seen them go well out of their way to accommodate clients and to ensure every aspect of the production and project goes smoothly. Their resourcefulness, awareness of the environment, friendliness, and experience are very beneficial to anyone thinking of working within or around Hāna. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to join them in such an amazing location.”

 -     Sherrie Austin, Austin ImageWorks


“I can confidently offer my highest recommendation for Hana Productions to successfully scout and coordinate the very best and most difficult shooting locations in Maui.  Their superb friendly expertise facilitated precise locationing for the shots I was seeking, with careful attention to optimal timing for the most effective natural lighting options.  As an experienced large-format landscape photographer, this ordinarily requires several days of exhaustive scouting on my own... generally setting up and breaking down multiple times before determining just exactly where I need to set up and when.  But with their indefatigable assistance, I was consistently able to pinpoint compelling compositions at first attempts.  With invariably on-time pick-ups, they were also enthusiastic and strongly capable in helping to carry and set heavy gear -- even arranging for accommodations and transport -- leaving me free to concentrate on photographing and enjoying any precious extra free time in this paradise.”

-    Kenneth Parker, www.kennethparker.com